We care about our community

NEETell undertakes dynamic measures though our professional and technical expertise & various other resources to effectively contribute to the betterment of our society in which we do business.

We are passionate about giving back

In accordance to our corporate philosophy, we actively undertake social contribution activities for the formation of a better community and help everyone lead more meaningful lives. With over16 million users and counting, NEETell has the power and the responsibility to effect positive change. We are committed to the effective utilization of our software and technology, our skills, and the power of social media platforms to bring about a radical change in the world we live in.

We provide education for Underprivileged Students

Driven by the goal of universal education and to make it easier for underprivileged learners to pursue medical education, NEETell offers exclusive Non-Profit Discounts of up to 50% on our all solutions. Give your nonprofit the boost it deserves and apply today! Let’s create a beautiful educational experience for underprivileged students together.

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Learning Opportunities For Underprivileged Students

We offer our Artificial Intelligence integrated Online Mock Tests to all underprivileged medical aspirants for free. The algorithm of our Artificial Intelligence driven mock tests provide detailed psychometric analysis on students’ behavior, confidence, subjective strength, accuracy, strategic & time management skills so that you can identify your behavioral strengths & weaknesses & work on them for better performance.

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We provide Text Books for Underprivileged Students

With our ‘Donate Your Books’ initiative, underprivileged students can discover the gift of knowledge. Hundreds of patrons have come forward to support this initiative and donated thousands of old text books, academic magazines and children’s books that are being distributed to passionate learners across the country. Apply today to donate or distribute old books to young learners. We empower young minds to learn by paying it forward!

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